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1.         If you are interested in what has been done in Louisiana from a legal viewpoint
Click here.  You will find a copy of the Louisiana Science Education Act passed in 2008, the Ouachita Parish School Board Science Curriculum Policy adopted in 2006 and the American History Heritage Act passed in 1997.

2.         This question was addressed to Professor Richard Dawkins, one of the world’s leading evolutionists, while taping for a TV show:  "Professor Dawkins, can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?"
            Answer: 10+ seconds of pensive silence followed by Dawkins' statement asking that the video camera be shut off.  When the taping recommenced, Dawkins gave a non-responsive answer to this simple question.              
            Watching Dawkins, one is reminded of the engraving on a plaque at the U.S. Naval War College with this inscription, "Nothing is as terrible to see as ignorance in action." by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832).

3.         The DVD "INHERENTLY WIND" (a Hollywood history of the Scopes Trial) by Dr. David Menton is now available through a free streaming video 74 minutes long at:   
This DVD exposes the distortions and inaccuracies in the play and movie “Inherit the Wind.”

4.         Here's a shocker featuring soft tissue and preserved blood vessels in a [supposedly] 70 million-year-old T-Rex fossil. Mary Schweitzer, PhD is interviewed on "60 Minutes" explaining the soft tissue and blood cells she discovered in a T-Rex bone.  This  is published in “Science” 3/24/05.
http://www.detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html#Schweitzer.,   This is not an isolated instance.       
There is a list of 41 other examples published (Dr. Schweitzer is on this list) on the web site        http://www.icr.org/soft-tissue-list/         The author, Brian Thomas, researched the scientific literature and has written an article “Published Reports of Original Soft Tissue Fossils” and it was posted on the ICR web site on July 21, 2011.  The article quotes only non-secular sources.  The evolutionary age of the samples varied from 10 to 360 million years old.

5.         These are fascinating video-clips featuring the motorized bacterial flagellum.  The second listing is less technical and one-third the length of the first clip.  These describe the construction and formation of these flagella..


6.         “Evolution: The Grand Experiment” by Carl Werner, MD.  This is an excellent series of books and DVD’s.  Dr. Werner traveled the world gathering material for this series.  The presentations are non-religious and would be excellent for classroom use.  For more details contact   http://www.TheGrandExperiment.com

7.         “Investigating Evolution, A Six Part EducationalSeries" is a DVD published by ColdWater Media.  The topics covered are: Embryological Evidences for Evolution (4:13 minutes), Galapagos Finches (4:08 min.), Four Winged Fruit Flies and Morphological Mutations (2:30 min.), Antibiotic resistant Bacteria (5:45 min.), Homology (4:08 min.), The Cambrian Explosion (11:09 min).  Speakers from both sides make presentations on each topic.  These are in depth presentations that may be beyond a slow class.  Coldwater Media no longer stocks this item but if you would like a free copy contact me at:       phdchvj@texts.com   It is also available on line at //www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFD2A14BCBC1A34C7    (see #9 below)     

8.         Several years ago a Louisiana High School Biology Teacher recorded a DVD of a lecture he  gave his class on “The Other Side of the Story” in which he presents information concerning the validity of what is in the textbook.  It has not been contested to date.  It is a one period presentation (41 minutes) which could be shown in class after you lecture on the Unit on Evolution fulfilling the state mandated coverage on the subject.  If you would like a free copy contact me at:       phdchvj@textaddons.com      (see also #9 below)

9.        Items 7 and 8 have been put on a single DVD by SEAL (Science Education Association of LA) and is available free.  Contact     reply@seal2000.org

10.        ColdWater Media also publishes a DVD entitled "Icons of Evolution."  It is an expanded version (12 topics) of the "Investigating Evolution" DVD and is available from them at

11.     An excellent book entitled "Icons of Evolution, Science or Myth" by Dr. Jonathon Wells published in 2000 is an eye-opening presentation at a semi-technical level.  Dr. Wells is a Berkeley-educated and has his PhD in Biology.  The book is available from Regnery Publishing Co. at    http://www.iconsofevolution.com

12.            Teh "Programing of Life" video and book are well done and approach Evolution from an informational viewpoint.  It shows the relationship between the genome and computer programming and architecture in a clear manner.  It covers the structure and functioning of each of the parts of the cell as well as the overall cell.  The video and a paper-backed version of the book is available on line at     http://programmingoflife.com/watch-the-video  

13.        An excellent video entitled "From Conception to Birth" is available on line at 
//www.youtube.com/watch-popup?v=fKyljukBE70   The 9:38 minute lecture is by Dr. Alexander Tsiaris who is in the Yale Department of Medicine.  He has a degree in mathematics.  The presentation is non-secular although the music that accompanies the development of the fetus from conception to birth some might interpret to be religious.  It can, of course, be turned off because there are captions about what is being viewed.  At the 6 minute mark the volume should be turned up to hear Dr. Tsiaris during the final 3 minutes of the presentation.