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Valid Topics That Could Cause Litigation

by Charles H. Voss, Jr. Ph.D., September, 2011

Indications are that very, very few people know that there are certain topics regarding the theory of evolution that the public school teacher should be very careful about when teaching this subject. The public school teacher needs to be very careful about adding material on the subjects beyond that in the textbooks of Radiometric Dating, Relative Dating, the Fossil Record, the Geologic Column, Fossil Formation, Intelligent Design and anything that might be interpreted to question the present idea of the age of the earth. This paper presents information about these topics.. My goal is to give you, the teacher, an understanding of what the problem is, an understanding of what is going on and what information your student(s) is not getting any hint of in the public school classroom.

A fair question is, what is wrong with presenting the material that follows? The answer is not in the facts presented but in how they might be twisted. There is much information that indicates the earth is not as old as macro-evolution (molecules to man) requires. Anything that even hints that the earth may not be as old as macro-evolutionary thinking requires is regarded as a cloaked attempt to introduce the student to the ideas in Judeo-Christian material particularly concerning the idea of evolution. The presentation of soundly established and reasonable facts is not allowed because an old earth age is an essential part of macro-evolutionary thinking. The bottom line is not about what is factual and best for the student but about what can be taught and not affect the foundational belief of the macro-evolutionist. They seem to be afraid they cannot meet this challenge so aggressively fight against any effort to introduce contradicting thought to the Darwinian concept.  Click here for detailed information on the above topics