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PowerPoint Slide Topics
This section of the web site contains Power Point slides dealing with most of the topics dealt with in the addenda.  Hopefully they will provide help and understanding of the topics dealt with.  Feel free to use them in any way they may help your presentations on evolution.

Note:  The topics of Fossil Formation, the Geologic Record, Relative Dating and Radio-metric Dating are not listed because of possible questions of motive.

Please click on the desired topic below.  Close the window at the end of the slides for each topic to return to this list. 
1. Definition of evolution

2. Natural selection

3. Mutations

4. Origin of Life

5. Miller-Urey experiment

6. Proto-cells

7. Haeckel’s Embryos

8. Archaeopteryx

9. Peppered Moth

10. Homology

11. Vestigial Organs

12. Biochemistry

’13. Punctuated Equilibrium

14. Human Evolution