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“Education is not the filling of a bucket

but the lighting of a fire.” - William Butler Yeats

          This web site is designed to aid the public school teacher who desires to add information to their presentations dealing with the controversial subject of evolution. It is generally known that today’s Biology Textbooks mislead the reader into believing that evolution has no negative aspects.

          Some of the well known information and facts commonly left out of textbooks but found in literature regarding evolution are presented as an addendum to the particular textbook. These addenda are as brief and complete as possible, so the reader obtains an appreciation for the subject material discussed in the text.

          This material* is for teachers, students and parents who desire a greater appreciation of the discussion of evolution as presented in a particular text. Each addendum is keyed to its textbook so the reader does not have to search for relevant material in other places.

          The information presented in these addenda does not mention creation or have anything to do with religion so can be legally used in the classroom. It should be noted that additional information is not presented for the subjects of Fossil Formation, the Fossil Record, Geological Column, Relative Dating, Radio-metric Dating and Intelligent Design. These exclusions are deliberate because of a possible interpretation that reflects on the age of the earth and therefore might be classified as an attempt to advance a particular religion and cause litigation.   


Note: There is tremendous overlap of the material presented by the various authors so there is much repetition in the presentations given. However, do remember that all textbooks do not cover exactly the same material.



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